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What are the Benefits of Open Culture? A new CC Publication

Open Culture, Open Heritage
An illustration of a prehistoric landscape with dinosaurs and reptiles.
Duria Antiquior by Henry De la Beche, National Museum Cardiff, Public Domain

Today we in the Open Culture Program are releasing a new publication: Don’t be a Dinosaur; or, The Benefits of Open Culture.

Following in the footsteps of open culture pioneers, many institutions are taking the leap to open their collections online, partly as a way to celebrate a sense of (re)connection with cultural heritage collections in the digital space. While the road to OC is strewn with barriers, its benefits are well worth the journey. 

This report distills the many views expressed in our Open Culture Voices (OCV) series about the ways in which so many people can benefit from open culture. In short: 

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Posted 24 April 2024