UNESCO MONDIACULT2022: A Starting Point for Open Culture

This week, policymakers from around the world gather in Mexico for MONDIACULT2022, the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development, a critical event that is bound to shape the future of international cultural policies worldwide. In the lead-up to MONDIACULT2002, Creative Commons’ (CC) Brigitte Vézina delivered a keynote to the international forum “Digitalizar … Read More “UNESCO MONDIACULT2022: A Starting Point for Open Culture”

Better Internet for a Decentralized Web: Conversations from Camp

At Creative Commons, we’ve been thinking a lot about how open principles and public interest values intersect with the decentralized web movement, particularly in relation to broader, collaborative efforts to build a Better Internet. In the past year, we’ve worked with other digital human rights and tech policy organizations to power this emerging movement, focused … Read More “Better Internet for a Decentralized Web: Conversations from Camp”

Colored grid of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal icons.

CC at UN #GlobalGoalsWeek 2022

Want to build a fairer, more peaceful world? Creative Commons does and we are joining over 170 other organizations in New York City during 16–25 September to accelerate progress on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during 2022 #GlobalGoalsWeek. CC’s deep engagement with the SDGs comes from two of our fundamental beliefs: First, that … Read More “CC at UN #GlobalGoalsWeek 2022”

Headshot of Catherine Stihler, wearing a blue shawl standing in outside.

Statement on the Introduction of the EU Media Freedom Act

Creative Commons CEO Catherine Stihler welcomed the EU’s publication today of its Media Freedom Act. Catherine said: “An independent, plural media is central to a healthy, functioning democratic system which in turn is the bedrock for citizens’ trust and confidence in politics and values. Creative Commons applauds the EU in its efforts to protect journalists … Read More “Statement on the Introduction of the EU Media Freedom Act”

An illustration showing lots of human hands of various colors reaching together to hold up a glowing, multicolored ball.

Members Share Their Experiences with the CC Open Culture Platform

Do you know about the Creative Commons Open Culture Platform? It’s a space for open culture and cultural heritage practitioners, advocates, and enthusiasts to share resources, hold conversations, and collaborate on matters related to open access to cultural heritage, especially heritage held in galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs). As we were curious about our … Read More “Members Share Their Experiences with the CC Open Culture Platform”

Black CC and CC0 logos side by side.

New FAQ on NFTs and CC0

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet entirely, you’ve probably heard about people buying and selling non-fungible tokens — or NFTs — unique data tokens that link to digital files, including artworks and other types of copyrightable works. CC has been following how people are creating and trading NFTs, and how the marketplace of creative works is … Read More “New FAQ on NFTs and CC0”

FAQ: CC and NFTs

We have seen many people using the CC0 public domain dedication as well as some of CC’s licenses with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There is a lot of confusion around the way CC0 and the CC licenses interact with NFTs, so we’ve put together this basic guidance to clarify some of the common questions we see. … Read More “FAQ: CC and NFTs”

Support CC

Creative Commons is a nonprofit that depends on the donations of supporters like you. If you believe in open access, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation. Your contributions help us continue to advocate for global access to research, educational texts, art, cultural heritage, scientific articles, and other valuable resources needed to solve society’s … Read More “Support CC”

Open Minds Podcast: Trudi Radtke on InclusiveAccess.org

Hi Creative Commoners! We are back with a new episode of CC’s Open Minds … from Creative Commons podcast. In this month’s episode of the show, Jennryn Wetzler, CC’s Director of Learning and Training, talks all things Open Education and Inclusive Access Textbooks with Trudi Radtke, former Open Education Project Manager at SPARC. InclusiveAccess.org is … Read More “Open Minds Podcast: Trudi Radtke on InclusiveAccess.org”