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Do not feed the trolls

Licenses & Tools post

Recently, there has been an increase in threatened and actual lawsuits involving CC licensed works, and in some cases, license enforcement has even become a business model. We have now learned that even long-time friend and contributor to Creative Commons, Cory Doctorow, has been targeted. Put simply, “license-enforcement-as-business model” is a perversion of the founding…

TweetCC Lets You CC License Your Twitter Feed

Open Culture post

Until now, the only way to mix your microblog and Creative Commons licenses was to sign up for the free-as-in-speech service (or run your own instance of Laconica), which requires all posts to be under our Attribution license. But as of February 18th, thanks to the work of UK author Andy Clarke, you can…

CC 2007 annual fundraising campaign: your feedback wanted

Uncategorized post

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Creative Commons’ 2007 Annual Fundraising Campaign. We received financial support from individuals in 52 jurisdictions and many companies, totaling $601,976. Your support, however you’re able to give it, is what sustains and drives CC. This was our third annual campaign (and the second I’ve been involved with) and…

CC0 beta/discussion draft feedback and next step

Uncategorized post

On January 15 we launched discussion of two new tools in a beta US version, both branded “CC0” — a Waiver of all copyrights in a work, and an Assertion that there are no copyrights in a work. After taking account of your feedback (thank you!), a lot of internal discussion has led us to…

Feed licensing

Uncategorized post

John Panzer of AOL has been writing about feed licensing. His recommendation: So, here’s my new summary, which is shorter but more complicated: Support and promote feed standards for embedded licenses. Allow fair use for unlicensed feed content. You’ll need to consult your legal department on what fair use is in each case, and figure…

Feedster now Creative Commons aware

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Feedster, the RSS search engine, now understands Creative Commons licenses found in feeds. This marks one of the first search engines of any sort to recognize our metadata and display information about it. They’ll start implementing them on search results and cache pages soon but are open to other suggestions for use.

Syndic8's news feeds

Uncategorized post

Syndic8, a central repository for syndicated news feeds, has recently started tracking the use of Creative Commons licenses in feeds. They’ve got a growing list here.

CC Is Refreshing Its Strategy. Here’s Why Your Voice Matters.

About CC post
Image” by Mario Jr. Nicorelli is licensed via CC BY-NC 2.0

Image by Mario Jr. Nicorelli is licensed via CC BY-NC 2.0 Over the past weeks, the CC board and team have been working behind the scenes on our strategy refresh. We are excited to share our progress as we enter the community engagement phase of the refresh and explain how you can contribute to the process.…