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Anna Tumadóttir

Interim CEO, Chief Operating Officer
Anna Tumadottir Anna Tumadottir (Photo by Victoria Heath, CC BY)

Before joining CC, Anna spent a decade building out all aspects of the operations of three distributed performance marketing start-ups. She is constantly considering opportunities for expansion and improvement in the environment around her. She happily straddles the worlds of leadership, operations, and product.

Anna grew up in Iceland, Scotland, and Malawi, leaving home to study in Norway, the United States, South Africa, and back to Iceland. She now calls Austin, Texas her home, and settles for traveling instead of moving (for the time being). Sharing information and resources is central to how Anna operates, as she is convinced it leads to a better existence for everyone. Sharing ice cream is optional, but encouraged.

Anna is CC’s Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO. She is currently serving as Interim CEO.

Photo credit: Victoria Heath, CC BY

Posts by Anna Tumadóttir

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At the end of April, CC Search officially celebrated its first birthday! After releasing the search tool last year on April 30, we eagerly watched as it was put to use. Now, with a year behind us and over 2.8 million users across 230 countries and territories, we’re gathering and examining search data to better…

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We’ve got great news for content creators and innovators interested in new ways of doing business online. Grant for the Web—the $100 million initiative by Coil, Creative Commons, and Mozilla (previously discussed here) to fund projects that utilize and build upon the Web Monetization standard—has issued its first public call for proposals. The Web Monetization…

How UC Berkeley Students Helped Improve CC Search

About CC

Since its launch, CC Search has become more than just a search tool for CC-licensed content; it has come to exemplify the virtuous cycle of knowledge creation—where we create, collaborate, and learn from one another.  Our recent collaboration with a group of students from UC Berkeley was a true exercise in this cycle of creation…