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Posts by nathan

Space still available for CC Technology Summit


Just a reminder that the first Creative Commons Technology Summit is coming up in less than two weeks. There’s still space to register if you’re interested in attending. The list of panelists has grown; the full schedule is available in the wiki. We’re looking forward to great discussions around digital asset management, digital copyright registries…

CC Technology Summit, June 18 @ Google


On Wednesday, June 18 Creative Commons will hold its first technology summit in Silicon Valley at Google’s Mountain View campus. Over the past five years we have actively developed and contributed to technologies that complement our licenses, with the aim of using software to enhance the discoverability and practical [re]usability of content — to help…

Creative Commons presents ccREL at Semantic Technology 2008


Ben Adida and myself are attending the Semantic Technology 2008 conference today where we presented on ccREL, the Creative Commons Rights Expression Language (slides). ccREL provides a framework for describing licenses and how they relate to creative works. In addition to the conceptual framework for describing licenses, ccREL also provides concrete recommendations for marking works…

Welcome 2008 Summer of Coders


The call for submissions for Google Summer of Code 2008 has closed and I’m happy to announce that four students will be working on projects for Creative Commons this summer. In no particular order, they are: CC Logger (statistical log analysis), by Ankit Guglani, mentored by Asheesh Laroia RDFa Support for Semantic MediaWiki, by David…

Custom CC Search


Google has supported searching for Creative Commons licensed content through the usage rights portion of the advanced search interface for some time. Last week they took the next logical step by announcing on the Custom Search blog that you can now use the indexed license information to filter results in your own custom search engine.…