Better Internet for a Decentralized Web: Conversations from Camp

At Creative Commons, we’ve been thinking a lot about how open principles and public interest values intersect with the decentralized web movement, particularly in relation to broader, collaborative efforts to build a Better Internet. In the past year, we’ve worked with other digital human rights and tech policy organizations to power this emerging movement, focused … Read More “Better Internet for a Decentralized Web: Conversations from Camp”

Dealing with Legally Incompatible Content in OER

Last month, ccLearn published “Otherwise Open: Managing Incompatible Content in OER“. For those of you who never got around to reading the paper, it basically provides an overview of the problem posed by the incorporation of “all-rights-reserved” materials into otherwise open educational resources (OER). It also explores ways of dealing with this problem and the … Read More “Dealing with Legally Incompatible Content in OER”

the dotmatrix project

The dotmatrix project is a “collective of musicians, photographers, videographers & sound engineers” who organize, promote, and document monthly shows in Greensboro, North Carolina. DMP subsequently archive these shows online, distributing hi-quality videos, audio, and photos from the shows under a CC BY-NC-SA license. A recent post on the DMP blog provides ample reasoning for … Read More “the dotmatrix project”