Cathy Casserly receives honorary doctorate from the Open University

Cathy Casserly / Ede & Ravenscroft / CC BY-SA In March, Cathy, our CEO, was recognized for her contributions to open education through an honorary doctorate awarded by The Open University. The Open University is home to the OpenLearn initiative, which makes available over 11,000 hours of structured learning via CC BY-NC-SA and has received … Read More “Cathy Casserly receives honorary doctorate from the Open University”

CC Licensing Your Dissertations

PhD students slave for years on researching, writing, and drafting a final product, usually text, that marks the culmination of their candidacy for the highly esteemed doctoral degree. This product is then reviewed by a tenured member of the faculty in their domain of expertise, or a small committee of said members. Upon passing this … Read More “CC Licensing Your Dissertations”