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Tag: DRM

Red Hat and “Bird Song: A Cartoon Requiem for DRM”


A bit late (exactly a month in fact), but in case you missed it the first time as well, Red Hat posted an amazing short about DRM titled “Bird Song: A Cartoon Requiem for DRM”. Its a beautifully made animation and Red Hat has gone the distance in licensing the different elements under a CC…

Report from the Bandwidth Music/Technology Conference


A late report on Bandwidth 2007, “The “Music | Technology Conference” held in San Francisco August 17-18. I moderated “The DRM Panel”, retitled from “Mano-A-Mano: The DRM Panel”, as it seemed the panelists would largely be in agreement. This was the case. None of the panelists were tied to a hard-core anti-DRM position or a…

Linus Torvalds on CC and DRM


Noted many places, Linux creator Linux Torvalds has written on using CC to marginalize DRM: Creative Commons licenses already require that you can’t use technological measures to restrict the rigts you give with the CC licenses. The “Share Alike” license in particular requires all work based on it to also be shared alike, ie it…

CC on Seybold DRM Panel


I’m speaking on a DRM Roundtable 10:30AM tomorrow at Seybold San Francisco. The panel will address current and future trends in Digital Rights Management (or the pejorative: Digital Restrictions Management). We have two FAQs addressing Creative Commons and DRM, reproduced below: Is Creative Commons involved in digital rights management (DRM)? No; we prefer to describe…