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Tag: Eben Moglen

Final Commoner Letter: Jimmy Wales


Our final commoner letter of this campaign comes from Jimmy Wales, who needs no introduction. If you haven’t contributed, now is the time. Please help spread this letter far and wide. Now, Jimmy Speaks… —————– Dear Creative Commoner, Creative Commons recently celebrated its 6th birthday, and I want to take a moment to ask for…

Commoner Letter #1: Eben Moglen


Last year we started a new campaign tradition — the Commoner Letter series. As I’ve said before, and will definitely say again, the campaign is about building support — rallying our community members around the importance of supporting Creative Commons and the openness our tools help enable. Over the next three months, five prominent members…

Inside track on the future of free content licenses


If you want an inside track on the future of free content licenses you could hardly do better than watch or listen to recordings of two Wikimania sessions — Lawrence Lessig on The Ethics of the Free Culture Movement (particularly the last twenty minutes) and Eben Moglen on Document Licenses and the Future of Free…