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Open Culture

GiftTrap is a fun new board game based on predicting what gifts other players might like. It uses more than 600 cards that feature user-submitted photos of gifts – many of these images are Creative Commons-licensed and shot by Flickr photographers. The company behind GiftTrap has recently announced the GiftTRAP Experience, a contest where people…


Open Culture

BloodSpell is a feature-length machinima movie written and directed by Hugh Hancock and produced by Strange Company. The fantasy film uses the game engine behind the popular RPG Neverwinter Nights and is currently being released in serial form, with short episodes hitting the Web every two weeks. BloodSpell is licensed under CC’s Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, so…

Cursive’s "Bad Sects" Remix Contest

Open Culture

Omaha indie rock band Cursive is hosting the “Bad Sects” Remix Contest. Visit the contest site to download the CC-licensed audio stems for the song “Bad Sects” (from the group’s new album, Happy Hollow. Then use those tracks, along with your own music, to create a remix. Submit your best work to the band’s label,…

The Shakespeare Chronicles

Open Culture

James Boyle‘s new novel, The Shakespeare Chronicles, is a literary mystery about the true authorship of William Shakespeare’s works. The book is available as a CC-licensed download (for free in serial form or for $1.50 as an e-book), as well as in both hardback and paperback print editions from Lulu.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s "The Concert"

Open Culture

Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s website to download “The Concert,” a new classical music podcast offered under the Creative Commons Music Sharing license. The podcast features unreleased live performances by master musicians and talented young artists recorded from the museum’s Sunday Concert Series. “The Concert” includes music by Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and Chopin for…

Choose GOOD

Open Access

GOOD magazine is a platform for talented writers and contributors to bring to the forefront issues and ideas that matter. Creative Commons is one of GOOD’s non-profit organizations for its CHOOSE GOOD campaign, an innovative subscription strategy in which 100% of GOOD’s charter subscription revenue will be given to organizations whose missions are in line…

Dropping Knowledge’s Living Library

Open Culture

Dropping Knowledge will soon offer over 600 hours of audio-visual material from the recent Table of Free Voices event under a Creative Commons license. The Table of Free Voices took place in Berlin, Germany on September 9, 2006. At this historic gathering, more than 100 esteemed artists, academics, entrepreneurs, scientists, and activists gathered to answer…

Armed Madhouse Remix Contest

Open Culture

Enter the Armed Madhouse Remix Contest! Bestselling author Greg Palast is offering tracks from his recent audio book Armed Madhouse online under a Creative Commons BY-NC license, so that musicians and producers can use them in remixes. If you’re into sampling and mash-ups, download the audio, create a remix, and send your finished MP3 to…

Creative Commons Concert in New York

Open Culture

If you’ll be near New York City on September 29, please join us at Irving Plaza for the Creative Commons Concert presented by WIRED and Flavorpill. The show will feature Mike Patton‘s experimental pop supergroup Peeping Tom, DJ/producer Diplo, and mash-up/remix artist Girl Talk. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to Creative Commons (please note…

Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft® Office


Microsoft and Creative Commons have teamed up to release the Creative Commons Add-in for Microsoft Office, a copyright licensing tool that enables the easy addition of Creative Commons licenses to works created in popular Microsoft Office applications. The software is available free of charge at Microsoft Office Online and will enable the 400 million users…