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GOOD: "We Like to Share" interview series


This past December, I conducted a series of interviews with people about the value of sharing information and resources in their respective fields of work. The interviews were edited into a podcast for GOOD entitled “We Like to Share” that was made available to people who attended the GOOD December series of events in Los…

GOOD + "The First 100 Days" charticle

Open Culture

Over the past year, GOOD has grown from having a primary focus on magazine publishing to being a media mini-empire, with its hand in videos, blogging, event production, and a variety of other activities, both online and off. The company’s cornerstone project, GOOD magazine, is still going strong – and is published under a Creative…

CC Salon LA TONIGHT! Xeni Jardin and GOOD Magazine


One last reminder that we are hosting the latest CC Salon LA tonight (9/3/08). Details below: WHO: Xeni Jardin, Tech Culture Journalist + co-editor at Boing Boing, Casey Caplowe, Creative Director at GOOD Magazine WHAT: Discussions of openness in journalism with live music provided by Vosotros WHEN: Tonight, 7:30PM – 9:30PM WHERE: FOUND Gallery in…

REMINDER: CC Salon LA Next Week (9/3/08): Xeni Jardin and GOOD Magazine


A friendly reminder that we are hosting the latest CC Salon LA next week (9/3/08) at the FOUND Gallery in Silverlake (Google map) between 7:30PM-9:30PM. Joining us will be Xeni Jardin, Tech Culture Journalist and co-editor at Boing Boing, and Casey Caplowe, Creative Director of GOOD Magazine. Both will discuss how CC, and ‘openness’ in…