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Highlights from GLAM Wiki by the CC Open Culture Team

Open Culture
From left to right, the team stands together with GLAM Wiki Lanyards. Jocelyn has short brown curly hair and wears a black and white dress with a black shirt. Brigitte has light brown hair and wears jeans and a pink jacket. Connor wears a white button up shirt and jeans, glasses. Jennryn has long blonde hair and colorful hoop earrings with a CC t-shirt. The team is featured in front of an ornate door and checkered black and white tiled floor. Picture of the Creative Commons team at GLAM Wiki, Montevideo, Uruguay, 17 November, 2023. From left to right: Jocelyn Miyara, Brigitte Vézina, Connor Benedict, and Jennryn Wetzler. © Creative Commons, licensed CC-BY.

From 16 to 18 November, members of the Creative Commons (CC) Open Culture and Learning and Training teams attended GLAM Wiki in Montevideo Uruguay. In this blog post we look back at the event’s highlights from CC’s perspective.