Common Content and Get Content launched

The Common Content Registry of Creative Commons licensed works is now open and is filled with lots of great music, photos, educational materials, which are available for copying or re-use. If you’ve chosen a Creative Commons license for your work, you can register your work at Common Content so that others may easily find it.

In light of Common Content, and other projects working to facilitate re-use, Creative Commons has discontinued its Content Registry. All the records hosted here can now be found at Common Content.

To further facilitate re-use, Creative Commons also launched the new Get Content page, which lists various large portals that host Creative Commons licensed content, archived Featured Content of the Week records, and archived Featured Commoner interviews. Check it out, and start getting content for copying and re-use!

3 thoughts on “Common Content and Get Content launched”

  1. The content registry is really cool and seems to be filling up rapidly! However, I can’t seem to edit my entries (I screwed up a couple URLs)… and the address doesn’t work (neither does’s “contact” interface). Oh well…

  2. Items are editable on the ‘My Account’ page (there’s an edit button next to the name), the webmaster account now exists, and the contact interface is fixed. Move along, nothing to see here… ignore the burning building, move along…

  3. I own tons of content, some of it I give away for free. I would like to use your system but I don’t want to give up full control.

    Is there a section that discusses the limiting of use rights? I didn’t see it on the common content “about” page.

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