The Speech Accent Archive

A great new audio project worth highlighting is the Speech Accent Archive at George Mason University. It features 264 native and non-native speakers reading the same paragraph in english. Ever wonder what a Romanian from Bucharest sounds like in relation to a Boston accent? Look no further, as it is all released under a Creative Commons License.

3 thoughts on “The Speech Accent Archive”

  1. Unfortunately this uses embedded Apple QuickTime files, which are a proprietary format incomprehensible by anything other than the proprietary Apple QuickTime software. Further Apple QuickTime software is only available on a select few OS not including GNU/Linux. Also there are no contact details to request an upgrade to ogg vorbis, or any other modern open standard format.

    Lets hope one of the GMU Accent team see this post and improve things. As I would really like to find out the difference between a Bucharest, Romania and Boston USA accent 🙂



  2. Hey yes this is a great resource, it is not immediately clear to me what CC licence they are releasing under. Your link is to their “how to” page that doesn’t mention cc at all. The only page I can find that mentions the licence is this one it links to the cc by nc sa licence. So that’s one more thing solved. Yay for cc! one of our Pool community members has even done a remix here
    Cheers John

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