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Fray Audio Archive


This week we’re highlighting Derek Powazek‘s online storytelling work at The Fray, specifically The Fray Audio Archive. The Fray is a site where people tell stories and others comment on those stories, and once a year there are worldwide gatherings to do open-mic storytelling live, dubbed Fray Day. The Fray Audio Archive contains recordings from the past 5 years of events, totalling over 18 hours of Creative Commons licensed audio. If you like what you hear, you might want to check out this year’s Fray Day, taking place between October 3rd and 5th in 14 cities across the globe.

Also worth noting is that all Fray audio is being generously hosted by the Internet Archive, free of charge. We’ve recently updated the licensing process to point out the Archive’s Open Source Audio and Open Source Movies areas. The Archive offers free hosting of audio and video works you have created and licensed under Creative Commons, so if storage and bandwidth are holding your creativity back, do yourself a favor and check out the Internet Archive.

Posted 17 September 2003