New release from Scott Andrew

Scott Andrew LePera, previously interviewed for our Featured Commoner piece on unsigned musicians, has released a new CD. The songs on the new disc are all Creative Commons licensed and he’s done something interesting with the pricing. You can pay as little as $5 for the new release, but anything beyond the minimum during the month of October will be donated to downhill battle, the P2P legal defense fund for people recently hit with lawsuits from the RIAA.

2 thoughts on “New release from Scott Andrew”

  1. Hi Matt. Just to avoid confusion, Downhill Battle is the name of our whole project, one aspect of which is the Peer-to-Peer Legal Defense Fund. And money donated “to the fund” actually just goes directly to the PayPal accounts of people who’ve been sued, we just track donations and rotate the recipient so that donations distribute evenly. I don’t mean to be nitpicky, but I wouldn’t want anyone to come away with the impression that any of the money goes to Downhill Battle (it doesn’t).

    And since this is my first correspondence with you, I should probably say that finding Metafilter two years ago made me like the internet again.

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