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Copy Me/Remix Me CD out


Earlier tonight at the Lessig vs. Rosen debate, we gave away copies of our second* CD, Copy Me/Remix Me. It features a variety of music from an even wider variety of artists. Among the featured musicians, you’ll find record-at-home independents, magnatune and opsound artists, world music groups, and small town rock bands.

As we mentioned on this blog before, we had a little mini-contest to get remixes for the disc and we’ve posted all of the entries received.
A remix from Flowerlounge and ended up on the final CD, but picking the top two was a tough task. Victor at turned in eight very different mixes that ran the gamut. Albert Lash not only remixed and rearranged the original Superego song, he also tossed in numerous samples from Oyez, the audio archive of Supreme Court arguments. Evan Lawrence’s mix was a nice reinterpretation of the song and DBF’s inventive and humorous mix featured a synthesized voice of a woman leaving an answering machine for an IBM typewriter, which was also a staff favorite.

Feel free to download, share, and remix the songs and if you catch us at a conference or event later this year, we’ll probably have copies of the CD on hand to give away.

*Our first compilation CD was done in February of 2003, for the Noisepop festival in San Francisco.

Posted 22 October 2003