Loca Records

This week’s featured content is Loca Records. This is an “open source” record label that features a variety of electronic music artists, with many of their songs available under a Creative Commons license. Their mission is to change the way record companies do business and follow the GNU/Linux model of releasing work and receiving compensation.

One thought on “Loca Records”

  1. Hi,
    We are Michel and Anthony Virey, French DJs and composers. We have composed a tune using a sample from the Doobie Brothers, their greatest hit ‘Long Train Running’.
    We are in contact privately with Tom Johnston, the composer and leader of the band, he graciously allowed us to use his guitar riff.
    So we ask you today to listen to our work and kindly let us know if your artistic department is interested in it.

    You will receive a second message where we present you another original Euro dance-funk tune called “Go for what you know”, recorded with different voices; we think
    it’s absolutely worth being listened to!

    We would like to stay in contact with you and send you more of our work in the future.

    We are expecting your reply as soon as possible, and thank you for your time!

    listening to:http://soundcloud.com/michelvirey
    Michel and Anthony.

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