This week’s featured content is MobileWhack. It’s a new site dedicated to tweaks, hacks, and hints on how to extend the phone, PDA, music player, and/or any other gadget you might carry around in a pocket. The content is released under a Creative Commons license and if you’re a gadget freak, I can assure you there is at least one new piece of software or tip you can use if you check MobileWhack out.

2 thoughts on “MobileWhack”

  1. Can we use creative common license too? We have reached above 1000 phone reviews and all the contents are written by us. But we are now facing big problem, some sites are using our RSS feeds to import our contents to their weblogs.

    We dont have any idea on how to prevent this. All we did restricted the display of RSS feeds and only summaries are allowed. But doing this our traffic reduced and we have gone down to SERP’s with our main keywords.

    Content scrapping is a big issue now a days, I like to know about the best policy available which suites my requirements.

    Thanks for reading this.

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