Nomads' Land: travel photography

This week’s featured content is Nomads’ Land, a site for photographs taken by Jean-François Maïon during travels around the globe. A great place to start exploring the site is the map on the main page. All 1000+ photos are licensed under a Creative Commons license and we can wait to see where Jean-François travels to next.

3 thoughts on “Nomads' Land: travel photography”

  1. No photos at Maïon’s site are licensed under CC. Rather, licenses are for sale at big prices. I guess this announcement is an error.

  2. Maïon’s photos remain under a CC-license, BY-NC-ND to be exact:

    Maïon also sells commercial licenses for these photos – our licenses don’t restrict a creators ability to do enable this sort of hybrid. The chosen CC license restricts commercial use while Maïon offers it for a set price outside of this license.

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