Nice survey of the sampling scene

Victor Stone, previously mentioned here for his great remixes on our last CD, recently signed onto Magnatune with a plethora of remixed tracks from Magnatune itself.

He also recently launched a site dedicated to sharing tips and reviews of the software he uses when creating music. A post definitely worth sharing here is the one about sampling, aimed at other turntablists: “Where the Samples Are.” He covers the legal way to acquire rights to use commercial samples, how and where to find Creative Commons licensed samples and what benefits they provide, and lastly how to simply pilfer commerical samples and what the consequences might be.

1 thought on “Nice survey of the sampling scene”

  1. Victor’s article is a good one because it points out the importance, which some novice producers don’t understand, of copyright issues as they relate to samples. At, we have to reject potential artist submissions frequently because they use samples and did not understand this fact.

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