Creative Commons in Europe

Neeru Paharia, our assistant director, will be in Holland over the next few days to attend the Third Zwolle Conference, entitled “Optimal management of copyright: Making it happen,” on February 13 and 14. Neeru will also be checking in with friends of CC in Holland.

Meanwhile, iCommons coordinator Christiane Asschenfeldt will be visiting Switzerland over the next couple of days to speak about Creative Commons at the CERN Workshop Series on Innovation in Scholarly Communication.

If you’re at either event or nearby and would like to meet up with Neeru or Christiane, let us know.

1 thought on “Creative Commons in Europe”

  1. Of there’s any help promoting Creative Commons at eLiberatica ( I’ll help gladly.
    I would be more than happy to find you at Brasov in May as eLiberatica is the first major free software event in Romania. There are other big names invited. I’m not one of the organisators, I’m just a participant but it would be a very good occasion to launch CC 3.0.
    Anyways I intend to go with some materials promoting Creative Commons.
    At the end of this week there will be published for Kosson Romanian community of information science specialists an article presenting CC v 3.0. I was confronted with rather scarce information in connection with European Union reaction to Creative Commons, I mean official positions.
    Anyways, I wait CERN Workshop for reactions to CC and other important issues like open access.

    I hope for the best.

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