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/run and Nothing Severed Yet


This week’s featured content are two new blogs, /run and Nothing Severed Yet.

/run is one man’s obsession with all sorts of geek gadgets related to running. While you’d think running is just shoes and shorts, there’s a whole industry of other essential stuff like iPods, pedometers, and high-tech watches that do everything from time your run to mapping where you’ve been. Personally, I find running these days to be much more comfortable than it used to thanks to advances in shoe support, ultra-lightweight fabrics, and my iPod.

Nothing Severed Yet is a joke title for a woodworking blog setup by someone new to the hobby. Dan shares reviews, photos, and tips on all the projects he has done. He even offers blueprints of his own projects, specifically shared and licensed to allow others to build similar projects. As a new homeowner and casual do-it-yourselfer I’ve always wanted to do a blog like this to share my experiences building and fixing stuff. The more I learn, the more I’ve found that the only difference between a seasoned veteran and a new enthusiast is experience, and having a blog to share experiences can go a long way to teaching people new trades.

Both blogs embody the spirit of the licenses by sharing information with others and encouraging others to comment and learn from their work.

Posted 19 May 2004