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Flickr adds CC moblogging for any weblog


A couple weeks ago, we mentioned Flickr added support for Creative Commons licenses to their photo uploading and hosting service. This week, they’ve announced a pretty amibitious new feature: mobile phone blogging for almost any blog service.

It works like this: you setup an account at Flickr, enable moble blogging features by inputing details about your blog, choose a CC license, and you’ll be able to post photos from your phone to any Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type, and/or Typepad powered weblog. Here’s a great example blog of CC-licensed photos being posted through Flickr.

I’m really impressed with this new feature. I’ve built my own similar system and it required a weekend of hacking and data spread across three servers. Now anyone can have a similar setup by simply using the free Flickr service in just a few minutes.

Posted 08 July 2004