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Share Your Politics, Whatever Their Color


ActBlue is a web site that bills itself as an “online clearinghouse for grassroots action.” As the name suggests, it’s a site designed to help Democratic partisans find candidates to support, both with money and with time. But it also supplies tools to help users band together with like-minded souls — creating customized lists of important races and spreading them around.

What makes the site so cool is that it — and all of the lists and other content users upload — is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 license. That means that other organizations can pick up and work off the grassroots energy of ActBlue, whether those other groups are the Democrats for a Democratic Midwest or the Red State Republicans. ActBlue may be Democrat-themed, but as online grassroots organizing and Internet-sparked individual involvement in politics spreads across the political spectrum — from ActGreen to ActRed — everyone wins, and so does democracy itself. Kudos to ActBlue for sharing the love.

Posted 09 July 2004