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Do the Recombo. In Brazil. Now. Again.


Renaldo “Recombo” Lemos of Creative Commons Brazil reports more good news:

“Following the same steps of Gilberto Gil and Mombojo, the Brazilian electronic group Gerador Zero has decided to go Recombo. Gerador Zero is one of the most inventive music projects in Brazil. Fabio FZero, their mastermind, has managed to create music that is hard to define. They combine elements of rock, pop and electronica in a smart way, without pre-conceived ideas or formulas. Everything very Brazilian, but universal at the same time. They have just release a new EP, called #!/bin/bash, which is now available online. Everyone is now welcome to do the Recombo with their music.”

Who will be the first, or the best, or both, to do the Recombo with Gerador Zero and Mombojo? Voce, talvez?

Mash them up, sample them, take another little piece of their art.


Whoa, dude. It’s like I can hear the colors . . . on, like, my skin!

Posted 15 July 2004