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Musicians large and small on internet downloading


CNN is currently carrying an interesting interview with musician Peter Gabriel. Gabriel always seems to be at the bleeding edge of technology, and he describes two of his net music ventures, On Demand Distribution, a backend company that works on music payment and fulfillment systems, and his pet project with Brian Eno, The Magnificent Union of Digitally Downloading Artists.

When asked why he has embraced the internet while record companies have feared it, Gabriel says:

A new world is being created — one is dying — and if artists don’t get involved, they’re going to get screwed, like they usually do.

At the other end of the musician spectrum, indie rock artists The Mountain Goats recently gave their stamp of approval to the Internet Archive’s hosting of their live shows. Frontman John Darnielle shares why he supports it:

I am totally in favor of tape trading, and file sharing never did anything wrong by me. People got into The Mountain Goats after downloading my stuff.

It’s great to see a superstar like Peter Gabriel continue to embrace and extend technology and it’s also great to see a small artist like The Mountain Goats realize new avenues to gain fans.

Posted 26 July 2004