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Shipwreck Central


Shipwreck Central is a companion site for a team of divers that explore various shipwrecks around the world. They host live chats, teaching aids, and information about shows they’ve made from diving footage. For the bits of downloadable audio and video, they’ve chosen a Creative Commons license and their copyright page explains why, even though they are a somewhat commercial endeavor:

We have thought long and hard about copyright issues here at Shipwreck Central. As creators we spend a lot of time, effort and money recording and editing the material you see here, and of course we wish to protect our copyright from unfair and unlicensed commercial use. However we are also aware that there are new cultural and technological dynamics at play which may result in legitimate creative and educational uses of our video that would not be possible under strict copyright laws.

For this reason we have decided to go with a Creative Commons license for the video and audio available in the free areas of Shipwreck Central. Information about the Creative Commons License can be found below.

Posted 24 August 2004