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Shipwreck Central is a companion site for a team of divers that explore various shipwrecks around the world. They host live chats, teaching aids, and information about shows they’ve made from diving footage. For the bits of downloadable audio and video, they’ve chosen a Creative Commons license and their copyright page explains why, even though they are a somewhat commercial endeavor:

We have thought long and hard about copyright issues here at Shipwreck Central. As creators we spend a lot of time, effort and money recording and editing the material you see here, and of course we wish to protect our copyright from unfair and unlicensed commercial use. However we are also aware that there are new cultural and technological dynamics at play which may result in legitimate creative and educational uses of our video that would not be possible under strict copyright laws.

For this reason we have decided to go with a Creative Commons license for the video and audio available in the free areas of Shipwreck Central. Information about the Creative Commons License can be found below.

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  1. For information: The site shown on Google Earth for the wreck of HMS Dasher is incorrect. The actual site lies midway between Ardrossan on the Ayrshire coast and Brodick on the Isle of Arran in the Firth of Clyde, Scotland.

  2. The position of the shipwreck Jane Sea is incorrect (east of Bermuda) and also the story of the ship seems not complying with that told by other sources ( Anyway, the wreck of Jane Sea is here: gYdmIY6A.htm.part or: 12˚29’11,49″ N and 70˚1’49,66″ W
    I’ve been in Aruba on November 26th 2010 and can swore that she’s still there. 🙂

  3. The location of the wreck of the Antilla is off by a few thousand km’s. You place her in the Alboran channel in between Tangier and Gibraltar, Mediterranean sea; in the text reference is made to it having sunk off Aruba, one of the dutch ABC Leewards in the caribbean sea.

  4. The wreck of the USS Utah is shown off the southern coast of Oahu but it is most definitely still in Pearl Harbor. Most people don’t know that it is there because everyone is focused on the USS Arizona. A significant portion of the Utah actually protrudes from the surface and when I was living on Ford Island there were some grasses growing on it. There is also a small memorial and a flag pole that is maintained by the inmates at the Ford Island Brig which is nearby, as I recall the inmates are responsible for raising and lowering the flag there each day.

  5. The wreck of the IJMN ship Yamato is incorrectly located near the island of Guam(?) It should be in the East China Sea SW of the island of Kyushu, Japan.

  6. I am from Barbados, and over the years I have repeatedly heard of a ship that was torpedoed by a U-Boat through the anti-submarine nets in Carlisle Bay – that is between Bridgetown and Needham’s Point – during the second World War, and may still be a dive today (although I’m not sure how much is left of it). That is not marked as a shipwreck on Google Earth.

    I also lived for 16 years in Antigua – the island north of Guadeloupe – and several of the old-timers occasionally spoke of a sunken U-Boat nearby which constantly leaked mercury and they would not eat fish caught north of the island. They all refused to divulge the location. And that is not marked as a shipwreck on Google Earth either, although there should be some record of the sinking somewhere other than in their memories.

  7. Wilhelm Gustloff
    Sunk: January 30, 1945
    On ‘Google Earth’ the ‘Loss of life’ is stated as 0. Nothing could be farther from the truth – this is the wreck/sinking with the highest loss of life ever – over 10,000 German refugees, naval personnel, and wounded soldiers.
    Correct this information immediately!

  8. SS Atlantus isn’t on Google Earth. It’s offshore about 60-100 yards from Sunset Beach, NJ.

  9. responce to jim lynch. book by axel niestle on german u-boat losses says U156 sunk east of barbados, 12*38n/54*39w. U162 sunk N.E of Trinidad 12*21n/59*29w. U572 sunk N.E of Trinidad 11*35n/54*05w. U615 sunk N.E of Curacao 12*38n/64*15w

  10. The El Grillo shipwreck is showing in the middle of the Arabian Sea, yet the description says it sunk in the Seydisfjordur on the east coast of Iceland.

  11. Wreck of TSS Kanowna shown in Bathurst Harbour which is about 600km from where it was actually wrecked off Wilsons Promontory. Are all your wrecks on Google Earth this porly placed? perhaps you should rectify the problem!!!!!

  12. The wreck of the Rainbow Warrior is incorrectly placed. It is actually at 34º58.50′ S, 173º56.10′ E. Please correct.

  13. you have the ‘el grillo’ listed as off e. coast of iceland but shown in indian ocean????
    also the scrambled words to type out are impossible to decipher

  14. Google Earth has 2 listings for U-1006

    One is above Faroe Island, the other is below.

    Appreciate your work but in the (immortal) words of the highlander “There can be only one”

    64 deg 12’22.68 N 8 deg 17’02.88 W elev 1766 meters

    Sunk: October 16, 1944Shipwrecks
    Sinking | Ship Details
    She was sunk Oct. 16th, 1944 south-west of the Faeroes Islands by depth charges from the Canadian frigate HMCS Annan.
    Date sunk: October 16, 1944
    Place sunk: South-West of Faeroes
    Cause: Depth charges
    Loss of life: 6 dead


    60 deg 33’10.42 N 4 deg 30’54.42 elev 700 meters
    Sunk: 1943Shipwrecks

    Sinking | Ship Details
    Sunk 16 Oct, 1944 south-east of Faeroes, in position 60.59N, 04.49W, by depth charges from the Canadian frigate HMCS Annan. 6 dead and 44 survivors.
    Date sunk: 1943
    Place sunk: Norway
    Cause: British-RCN Frigate Engagement
    Depth: Unknown
    Loss of life: Aprx 60-100 crewmen
    Nationality: Germany
    Condition: Depth Charged and Scuttled.

  15. Good morning!
    Just wanted to inform that the wreck of battleship Admiral Graf von Spee is wrongly located on google earth.
    The sunked historical warship is at
    Lat 34°58’0.00″S
    Lon 56°16’60.00″W



  16. Wreck Wilhelm Gustloff:
    Already in 2004 it was mentioned, that the number of casualties was not o (zero) but about 9000. Yet the site of the wreck still mentions the wrong number. Please update your information.

  17. The Canadian vessel Varuna is shown on Google Earth as going down in the middle of the South Atlantic, but is described as: “The Varuna was scuttled just off of Amherst island in the 1920’s.” And the ship details says, “She was a first class style passenger ferry traveling from Trenton Ontario to Rednerville to Desoronto to Picton Ontario.” All of this takes place on Lake Ontario, not in the middle of the Atlantic. Ya dig?

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