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Looking forward, Creative Commons recalls extraordinary week


At Creative Commons, there is hardly ever time to look back and reminisce about great events past. But last week’s congregation in NYC being such a landmark event in our organization’s history, here are a few things to recall.

First, Tuesday’s concert made it clear that we’re becoming truly global now. There is no better way to describe a collaborative project that today encompasses academics and volunteers from all continents. Also, the concert’s coverage in the New York Times – and the fact that we are getting endorsement from high-calibre artists like Gil and Byrne – should create increased attention in many of the world’s cultural capitals – and not only from people who are already Creative Commons devotees. As we can testify from our personal experience over the last days in Germany and Britain, it has had that effect already.

Second, there was the wonderful experience of bringing the two offices of San Francisco and Berlin together. We should do this on a regular basis. The latter one still being in its infancy, Christiane and myself profited immensely from exchanging our ideas and from seeing at close quarters the sheer energy Creative Commons as a project is able to impart on its staff. Neeru, we also enjoyed carousing with you in the meat-packing district when it was all over! I hope we can share the great time we all had with many more Commoners in the future.

Third, there was of course the usual deluge of side meetings associated with an international conference (if that is the word), so we think we should single out just one that was particularly seminal for our work at iCommons. Something great might be in the making in our proposed partnership with the Arts Council England, and we are extremely thankful for being handed this opportunity. Stay plugged in for further details – it will be yet another sign that Creative Commons is well on its way from start-up idea to worldwide institution.

It’s been an extraordinary week. We can all be so grateful for being present at the creation.

Posted 29 September 2004