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Browsing and searching for licensed photos at Flickr


Flickr is a great online photo sharing app that allows you to tag all your photos with a Creative Commons license. We’ve blogged about it in the past and interviewed the founder as well. Today they launched an entire area of their site devoted to showing off all the photos within their system that are tagged with each license. If you jump to any of the “see all” links below, you’ll find a stream of photos that are even searchable, within license type.

What’s great about Flickr exposing this functionality is that it makes the thousands of licensed photos readily available. Say for instance I want to find photos of last week’s Gilberto Gil-David Byrne concert in New York? Just drop into one of the popular licenses and search for a keyword. Flickr also exposes their innovative keyword tagging system among licensed files. Here are what the most popular tags look like on attribution-noncommercial-sharealike photos, allowing you to browse photos containing those keywords.

Posted 01 October 2004