Barcelona in Creative Commons mode

The University of Barcelona hosted a great conference last Friday in their beautiful Aula Magna to celebrate the launch of the Spanish CC licenses – also available in a Catalan version.

Spanish project lead Ignasi Labastida i Juan had arranged for authorities from the regional government as well as from academia to present their take on the CC project. There was a wonderful presentation – Carta a Hipatia – given by Mr Carlos Sanchez Almeida, a Spanish abogado, asking whether we are truly ready to rebuild the ancient library of Alessandria by digital means. He included a great quotation from Cervantes, pointing out that in the 17th century Cervantes’s writings were circulated widely in Europe because they were effectively pirated! We’ll blog his talk as soon as it is available in English (the Spanish team is currently translating it).

Furthermore, there was a panel in the afternoon, featuring speakers from publishing, research and the arts, outlining their thoughts on intellectual property law and open access policies. During the break, we had a lively discussion – sparked by CC friend Javier de la Cueva, abogado – about whether in Russia (because of their terms of acceding to the Berne Convention) all works created before the year 1973 are actually in the public domain; clearly this is an issue which needs to be explored by us.

In the evening, we all got together again at Category:Weblog