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Engadget on mashups, call for tutorials


Engadget is a great all-around blog about technology and the latest gadgets, but in the past few weeks they’ve began doing a “podcast” which is sort of like a home-brewed radio show, saved as mp3s and shared on their site. This week’s podcast has an interesting segment on “Mashing the Planet,” their call to arms (here in text) to teach people how to use audio tools to make mashups (including legal ones with the WIRED CD) and especially to create good tutorials so anyone can pick up an audio program and make something good.

I chopped the segment out of the show here, and it’s about 5 minutes long. They discuss the state of audio tools, the lack of tutorials, Creative Commons, and the music industry’s reaction to mashups.

A few months ago, we brainstormed ways to improve the Creative Commons site and part of it was writing lots of tutorials for how to use applications like Photoshop, ACID, and iMovie to make images, audio, and video using existing freely downloadable Creative Commons licensed works. We quickly found out it’s a big endeavor and hope the Mash the Planet idea blossoms into a full-on tutorial website we can someday point users to.

Posted 19 November 2004