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Big Sonic Sharing


Pittsburgh based label Big Sonic Recordings has released its catalog under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

At Big Sonic Recordings, you’ll notice that all of our artists give away all of their music for free, and every artist has an online store full of merchandise that you can purchase if you wish to support them. It is the Big Sonic pledge to keep the music free, and find alternative ways for artists to be compensated for their work in this new digital age.

Big Sonic claims to be “home of the sick and twisted” but I’d say they’re alright. The kids might enjoy the brand spanking new album from Liquid Crutch.

Q: Aren’t you guys hurting yourselves in the long run?

A: With what? We have a disclaimer stating that if you want to use our music for, say, a soundtrack, just contact us for permission. We make music to make music and go completely ape shit on stage. If it were money we wanted, we would have gotten different jobs.

Rock on!

Posted 25 November 2004