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Say Thank You to the People Who Make Creative Commons


Like everything we celebrate, Creative Commons is about team creativity and team sweat.

As promised (relatively) recently, I want to pause this end-of-the-year holiday season to say thanks to some of the people who have made Creative Commons possible. The people I have in mind here are the ones whom I work with every day.

In a series of posts to follow, I’m going to write a little bit about the people we all have to thank for Creative Commons. The posts will only trickle out, as I’ll have irregular Net access, but they’ll be here.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity, if you’re a CC fan, to say thanks to the people profiled here, whether in the blog comments, or privately at the email address provided. For this occasion, at least — though let’s not limit it to that — I think it’s more important to pass fond words on to the people make CC happen than to contribute to Creative Commons, or to join the Commoners Club, or to license your work. If you have a favorite anecdote about the person profiled, or if you have a special thanks to them (and I know you do), pass it on.

Posted 14 December 2004