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View source added to Flash


Earlier this week at the Flash Forward conference (centered around Macromedia’s Flash product), Creative Commons Chariman and CEO Lawrence Lessig gave a talk about bringing a culture of sharing to the Flash community like the one that exists for HTML. Every web browser can view source of any HTML document, and millions of online publishers got their start by looking at each others’ code, but Flash doesn’t directly allow for it. Although flash sharing sites have sprung up to fill the void, there was no easy way to share all your code in Flash.

Macromedia’s Mike Chambers answered the call and less than 24 hours later produced an actionscript file that adds a view source option to any flash movie. If you use Macromedia’s Flash product and want to share your work with others, by all means give it a try. I hope to see this functionality become an option in upcoming releases of the Flash authoring environment.

Posted 08 April 2005