The other Science Commons

Since Will posted a brief survey of CC-licensed science fiction and fantasy novels last month I’ve noticed three more exciting CC-licensed SF items:

  • Charlie Stross won the Hugo award for best novella for his CC-licensed The Concrete Jungle.
  • Orion’s Arm is a CC-licensed post-singularity “shared world” where authors are collaborating on fiction and games based in the shared world.
  • NYC 2123 is a CC-licensed graphic novel described on Boing Boing as “a sweet little hard-boiled post-apocalyptic cyberpunk thing. It reads like Neuromancer with less flash and more computer-savvy.” (More CC-licensed comics.)

Orion’s Arm and NYC 2123 both use licenses that allow remixing. You got your post-apocalypse in my post-singularity!

All this SF is good, but don’t forget science reality. Check out Science Commons. Real scientists (and you) are creating the future we’ll live in…

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