Radio Radicale to put archives online

Eric Steuer

Radio Radicale, the official radio station of Italy’s Radical Party, recently announced that it is applying a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license to much of its archived audio content. What that means:

Thirty years of history, parliamentary sittings, political conferences, trials, intelligence scandals, interviews, declarations, denunciations; the material collected with ant-like patience by Radio Radicale, the well-know political radio station in Rome, is now available [online] … thanks to Creative Commons.

Read Radio Radicale’s press release for more information in Italian, or check out Hammer & Tongue for an English translation.

2 thoughts on “Radio Radicale to put archives online”

  1. The archive is not yet online. We will start in january with all the content from 1998 to date, and proceed with the oreviuos years in the following months.

    By the way, the website of the Radical Party is

    Radio Radicale, funded by the Radical Party, broadcsts all kind of political events, the parliament, judicial trials, etc. much like US C-Span.

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