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3voor12 plundert musea


Marco Raaphorst writes in about ‘3voor12 plundert musea’ (this is an expanded version of an entry on his blog):

The Dutch VPRO have asked me to compose a special song for the release
party of ‘3voor12 plundert musea
VPRO is a Dutch broadcasting
organisation for national non-commercial TV and radio. They are payed by
tax-money. Their is a site for music and
music-video’s (not specifically under CC licenses, sometimes embedded in
a Flash-player) as well as hosting several forums, news and interview

This project ‘3voor12 plundert musea
is based on high quality
recorded samples
which are available under the Creative Commons
Attribution 2.5 Netherlands license. People who create a remix can decide which CC license they
would like to choose, but only CC licenses can be chosen, so this is
really interesting.

For this event, a release party of the first winners of the ‘3voor12
plundert musea’ contest, I will compose a special song. This song will
be demonstrated by me using Ableton Live, showing you how you can tweak
and mangle samples and create something new out of it.

The winners will receive 250 copies of their songs on vinyl!

Details: 16th of May at Studio 80, Amsterdam. Doors open at 8:30 PM.

I guess it will be fun; me, a laptop, a keyboard, a mic and a projector. Bjorn Wijers of Creative Commons Netherlands told me he’ll be there too. Drinking
beer and promoting Creative Commons…

Posted 03 May 2006