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Beatpick Artists Included In Mercedes Benz Mixtape Compilation


Beatpick, which bills itself as the Fairplay Music Label and releases tracks online under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, has had two of its artists handpicked by Mercedes Benz for inclusion in Mercedes’ Mixtape compilation 14. Mercedes entered into a separate, non-exclusive licensing deal to use the tracks from the artists Foley and Napolitano Lounge Connection.

The online-compilation “Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape” is available via the Mercedes site. All of the tracks, as well as background information on artists and music, are available in 192 kbs mp3 to all visitors to the site free of charge. In addition, the compilation tracks are featured in a high quality Digipack Promotional CD, that is sent to the press in order to promote each new Mixed Tape edition (with a small compensation payment going back to the artist for these CDs).

Tracks that appear in the Mixtape compilation have the chance to be included in a “Best Of Mixed Tape” compilation, which is put together every 6 months and sold through iTunes, with the artists receiving a cut from the price of the downloads. Previous tracks selected also featured in a Merces-Benz podcast that debuted in December last year within a few hours as number one in the podcast charts and remained in the Top Charts successfully. As a result of the extensive promotional efforts, Mixed Tape becomes a powerful platform for artists and labels interested in self-promotion and the possibility of reaching a bigger audience: Mercedes counted 22 million downloads in 24 months. Mercedes’ aim is to especially push artists and labels who are not part of the ordinary rotation on TV and radio.

This is another great story of CC-licensed artists gaining recognition and new opportunities for their music to be heard and enjoyed, with the potential for additional revenues. Perhaps we are starting to see the “new reality”

Posted 10 October 2006