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Day 1


It has been 24 hours since the launch of the CCi Scholarship Funding Campaign and the response has been incredible. $6,366 has been raised so far thanks to you! At this rate we’ll finish the campaign 6 days before the 2 week time period ends.

cc swag photo

There are several different ways you can participate and support CC. One way would be to visit the CC Store and check out one of our popular CC T-shirts. One of my personal favorites is the CC Logo shirt. Thank you again MikeBlogs for this amazing photo (CC BY).

The reason that we are attempting this feat is to enable as many of the CCi Affiliates as possible to attend the critical iCommons iSummit in June. These dedicated volunteers have played a large role in the momentum behind CC and the global digital commons. And for this work we are forever thankful.

Help us fund these people and all the new additions that we’ve welcomed into the CC family over the past year.

isumm06 group photo

Fred Benenson / BY-SA

Posted 27 April 2007