OnClassical relaunches

Eric Steuer

Congratulations to the folks at OnClassical on the relaunch of their site. OnClassical is an indie classical music label that’s been distributing albums since 2003. Previews of all of the label’s music are offered under CC’s BY-NC-SA license. Check out OnClassical’s “What’s new?” page for details about the updates.

One thought on “OnClassical relaunches”

  1. Hello,

    I am producing a radio play to be recorded on a local community station and on the internet, a non commercial project.

    Part of the play includes a telephone to the DWP, regarding a Welfare Benefits matter, we are using the recorded voice and wanted to use completely inappropriate music as ‘waiting music’.

    I was hoping to use some Shostokovich from his recording for Hamlet, but found out the rules, and it was recorded in 1963. I understand it has to have been recorded over 50 years ago to be usable. Are there rule regarding the length of an extract. If we are only using short extracts of music?

    Do you know any music of a similiar nature, either extremely frantic classical or extremely atmospheric in a way inappropriate for ‘waiting music’ you could suggest?

    Thank you


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