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Sony uses CC in Blu-ray marketing campaign


Sony Europe is releasing marketing assets for its Blu-ray Disc format under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license as an integral part of its campaign:

“By creating assets available exclusively online and licensing them under Creative Commons, we are encouraging increased interaction between Sony and our target audience,” says James Kennedy, General Manager for Communications Europe at Sony.

Leo Ryan, director at RMM explains the strategy behind the campaign, “Previous work with Sony BRAVIA proves that amazing digital content can provoke online buzz around a campaign on its own. However, we believe that it’s essential to use online PR and social media relations to amplify this buzz. We’re linking strong relationships with influential bloggers and social networks, with natural search optimisation campaigns to ignite debate, build buzz and drive visits to the website”.

It’s great to see that Sony and the marketing firms behind this campaign see that “viral” marketing needs to empower hosts for maximum impact.

Posted 03 September 2007