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The War Comes Home Uses Creative Commons Licences


The Pacifica Foundation’s flagship station, KPFA, has launched an interactive website,, that allows visitors to listen to and share stories about the consequences of the Iraq war for those in America, using their own blogs, email lists, and social networking sites. The website features audio stories, photos, transcripts, resources for veterans and activists, as well as a blog which digs into the politics of the war itself.

The audio stories are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license and use podsafe music, which was donated by musician Jesse Olson. KPFA’s Web Director Michael Manoochehri elaborates:

“The most exciting part of the are the tools that help make the site interactive […] visitors have the ability to leave comments, social network links make it easy to share stories using digg, reddit, and more. The audio clips are Creative Commons licensed, which means that the content can be freely shared and republished. Tools on the site help visitors easily embed the audio on their own blogs.” has created an incredible resource for accessing important information and opinions about the Iraq war, the value of which is even further increased by its ease of redistribution, with CC licences in particular facilitating the free and open exchange of these important testimonials. In doing so, offers an invaluable means for contextualizing an infinitely complex and important situation.

Posted 17 September 2007