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First CC-licensed Photography Contest in China


Creative Commons China Mainland Photography Contest

CC in China Mainland has partnered with the online photo-sharing community and one of China’s largest internet portals,, to co-sponsor the first CC-licensed photography contest in China Mainland. The first submissions were received on September 1st, 2007, and at the time of this posting, entries now number around 3,500 and span three major categories: society & humanity, nature & landscape, and portrait.

The contest is open to both professional and amateur photographers, and as the blog from CC in China Mainland reports, all entrants will select a localized CC license for their photos.

Judging will be carried out in two phases, the first consisting of open, online voting ending October 15, followed by a selection by a panel of experts. Awards will be presented to the winners on November 3rd at the National Library of China accompanying the opening of a critically-acclaimed photography exhibition.

Official contest page:

Posted 19 September 2007