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C-Shirts, Code, and Music in Japan



FoxkehThe Creative Commons team in Japan is ablaze with activism. At Mozilla 24 in Tokyo this September 15th, the Japanese team invited participants in their workshop to remix FireFox’s squeezeably-cute new mascot Foxkeh into over 45 uniquely designed CC-licensed T-shirts, a continuation of the successful C-Shirt project highlighted at the iSummit 2007 in Dubrovnik.

They also hosted LiveCoding #4 during the 23:30-03:00am stretch of Mozilla 24. With over 100 attendees and 5 x 20 min. of live & local hacking action, the CC team in Japan ushered in daybreak with audience-generated Open Content creation and then joined in the streaming of Larry Lessig’s speech on Web n.0.

In other good news, Public Project Lead Dominick Chen reports that mF247, one of Japan’s largest net-labels, now offers artists the option of adding any CC license to their work. Domo arigato, Japan!

(Image credits: Mozilla Japan, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.1 Japan. Source:

Posted 21 September 2007