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CC at OpenCourseWare, Open Education Conferences


Recently, Creative Commons launched ccLearn, an educational arm of CC whose mission aims “to minimize barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials — legal barriers, technical barriers, and social barriers.” Yesterday, ccLearn director Ahrash Bissell and Creative Commons CTO Nathan Yergler spoke at the OpenCourseWare Consortium Conference at Utah State. Their presentation laid out the ways Creative Commons provides support and advice in clarifying licensing options for educators. By spelling out the choices available and addressing downstream concerns and consequences of implementing a particular license, ccLearn continues to encourage educators within the OpenCourseWare (OCW) movement to adopt licenses that are most interoperable. “In a way,” said Bissell, “Creative Commons licenses work to provide the infrastructural glue for OCW content and other open educational resources.”

The OCW and OER movements are growing. ccLearn is building an open education search engine that helps to identify those resources that educators can use to enrich their courses with free, open content to share alike with their students and the world.

Posted 26 September 2007