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Steal This Film (Part Two)


ShareThe League of Noble Peers has done it again. Steal This Film Part II, the appropriately named sequel to Steal This Film Part I, is coming soon (if not already) to a tracker near you. The film, although regrettably not under a CC license, features interviews with Lawrence Liang, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Fred von Lohmann, and Aaron Swartz, among others.

Its opening message:

“Do not seek permission to copy this film. Anyone who fails to redistribute this film, or by inaction, prevents others from distributing it, faces ostracism.

All devices capable of being used to share this film should be so deployed. We ask the audience to remain vigilant in promoting such activity and report docile consumption to cinema staff. Thank you.”

Don’t worry — some viewers were already found camming it at the premiere.

Image from Steal This Film Part I

Posted 06 November 2007