Fedora 8 Aids CC-Search in Firefox

Timothy Vollmer

Fedora 8 has implemented a great feature within the Firefox browser that makes it even easier for users to find Creative Commons-licensed materials that they can share, remix and reuse. The pull-down menu right below the main search field is a quick way to filter search results to return CC-licensed open content. Congratulations to Fedora on a great release with 8. Go here to get Fedora 8 for your machine, where you can download either a full install or live media image.

Fedora 8 Firefox CC search

Fedora has been a supportive partner for the LiveContent project, which utilizes the ability to create custom LiveCD and LiveDVD spins. Keep an eye out for more news about LiveContent 2.0–test runs of the new LiveDVD are in the works, and lots of eyes will be needed to look it over. In the meantime, help build the Content Directories by adding your favorite CC-license-powered project to it. Help build the wealth of CC-licensed media for inclusion on the LiveContent distro!

One thought on “Fedora 8 Aids CC-Search in Firefox”

  1. Dear reducteurs ,
    I’m adressing my wish to you in order to let me access some material which I could download for my Fedora 9.
    For the time being I can access http://ogg.jamendo.org/fr only to get material.Will you please me give an address to get ogg stream or could download other ogg Vorbis & Theora.
    Best regards

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