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CC In the Trenches: "A Great Concept I'll Continue to Employ"


This great piece blew into our RSS reader this morning. Photographer Brian Auer provides a interesting discussion and personal perspective on Creative Commons. He explains what CC is, comments on licensing rights and responsibilities, and explores some of the grey areas in and around Creative Commons.

Brian licenses using CC, and suggests that other photographers might consider it as well:

“I honestly think that a majority of us should use the Creative Commons Licensing as a way to promote our work, as long as we understand what the license means…I may change my mind some day if I ever become a highly sought after photographer, but the thing that may have helped get me there could be my use of the Creative Commons Licensing…you never know.”

We agree with Brian–copyright can be downright confusing. Licensing with CC can be a great way to increase the visibility of creative work, but an understanding of the terms and conditions of Creative Commons is crucial for both creators and users. Let’s keep the discussion rolling. With the community, we can work to make copyright a little more lucid and usable for everyone.

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Posted 15 November 2007