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Hi-Tek Contest on Jamglue


Jamglue is once again up to their old tricks, this time giving users the opportunity to add a verse to hip-hop producer Hi-Tek’s “My Piano”, which features Ghostface, Raekwon, and Dion. To say it is an all-star cast users will be interacting with is an understatement.

Per usual, everything is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license. What this allows for is the commercial rights of the artists involved to remain intact, while offering people to experiment and interact with the work in a positive way. In the past, these contests have been incredibly successful in showcasing the power of user-generated content and interaction – you can check out all of Jamglue’s past contests here.

If you want to learn more about Jamglue, check out the “Featured Commoner” piece we ran with co-founder Divya Bhat in which she goes into detail about what Jamglue is all about.


Posted 14 December 2007